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I have decided that all personal posts will be f-locked. Everything Harry Potter related will remain public. 
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New Rule

Due to well... life, I haven't been able to start on chapter 32 of Dumbledore's Secret. I told myself from now on that I will not post any story unless it is completed. Which is why one of my anticipated stories Growing Up Potter (yes I have already received a message about it already) has yet to be posted. I hope to start on DS 32 soon before school starts next Tuesday.
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Dumbledore's Secret has been updated!

I am so proud of myself!

Now I just have to update the rest of my stories and I will feel so much better!
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie Review

Warning: Spoilers from the movie

I would have never thought the day would come when a Harry Potter movie would make me take 2 pills of Ibuprofen. Yes the movie was definitely a headache.

I'm shamed to say that this movie was only a bit better than Twilight. There are almost no emotion from Harry throughout the whole movie. His godfather died only a few weeks before and here he was about to have a one night stand with some chick at a diner (or at least that's what it looked like) before Dumbledore came.

And talk about awkward?! Jesus... That's all this whole movie was. Especially between Harry and Ginny. She was practically proving to Harry throughout the whole movie that she would make a good wife. Seriously...that's all I was getting. Feeding him, tying his shoes, running to danger when he was fighting Deatheaters. My heart went out to Dean Thomas. He deserved better.

At Dumbledore's death: like I said no emotion. You would think Harry would be kicking and screaming like in the OOTP but there was nothing. It was almost like "Oh..Dumbledore's dead. I have to confront Snape."  When everyone gathered around his body; there was still no emotion. Everyone just raised their wands in the sky while Harry "cried" on Ginny's shoulder.

And also watching the last few scenes I swore I was watching LoTR. That's so horrible!

And what was with the Burrow burning down?! The movie was long enough, (2 1/2 hours) they didn't need to add anything that was not in the book.        

Not all of it was bad. I have to give kudos to Tom Felton, Alan Rickman, Helen Boham Carter, Michael Gambon and surprisingly Rupert Grint. For the first time he actually outshined Daniel Radcliffe. And when the co-stars are outshining the star then there's a problem.

I have to give this movie a 5 out of 10 or 2 1/2 stars.  :(

I really hope the DH movies are better.



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So I finally got to read My Man Friday...

Warning: there are some spoilers

I always wondered about this story. The author took it completely offline that it cannot even be recovered in the internet wayback machine. When someone found it at least 50 people would comment with their emails to get a copy. So I said what the hell. I want a copy myself. So two days ago I received it and downloaded it immediately, but I didn't read it right away. So after not finding any snarries that I was not either in the right mood for or have already read, I started on My Man Friday.

I absolutely loved it! I even cried at the end. Most fics don't make me cry so this one is special. I couldn't help but see the similaries between this and Union of Doom by Steppenwoelfin. I absolutely loved how Harry and Severus did not fall for each other quickly (my pet peeve) and didn't say "I love you," until the end of the story. I also loved the fact that Severus showed some emotion. Yes he was a cold hearted bastard in the beginning  and you definitely wanted to kill him, but to see him so devastated upon's Harry's departure and  their tearful reunion of Harry's secret retun brought tears in my eyes.

The story is very realistic and not all happy go lucky as I have read on many snarry forced marriages. Severus does not try to win Harry's love. Harry does not fall in love with him quickly and become all girly. Yuck.. There is no mpreg (which I'm glad for because a story as perfect as this, it would have been ruined). There is tragedy. Snape and Harry switch being top and bottom (which I was personally glad for).  This story is utterly amazing....

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My Seven Snarry Deadly Sins


This is not to offend any author or story. These are just my opinions.

1. Sub! and/or Bottom!Harry- ( to a certain extent) I'll admit there are some authors that do it right. But then there are some that make him look so feminine that all you need to do is slap a bow on him and call him Harriette.

2. Very OOC Slave! Snape- I'm a very big fan of slave!snape and sub!snape but to go so OOC that I want to put him out of his misery is a no no.

3 Slave! Harry- Just Harry being a slave will turn me away from a story.

4. Pregnant! Harry (to a certain extent) - Just like the sub!Harry stories only some authors can do it right. But when Harry starts crying is when I draw the line. Wierd cravings? Yes. Crying all the time? No.

5. Mpreg Multiple Births- Twins I can accept. Maybe even triplets. But quads, quints, and anything above that is just plain wrong and abusive! And I mean this for any male character! If it's hard for a female to carry multiple babies, how you think it is for a male?

6. Falling in Love Too Quickly- When it comes to Snarry forced marriages, Harry hates Snape until he confronts the Dursleys and then BAM! It's love. WHY IS THAT?! The story kinda goes downhill for me then. It makes me think that Snape has this master plan to confront the Dursleys just so he can bed Harry and get his heir. (Because it's always about the heir).

7. Early Mpreg- I love Mpreg as much as the next person. It annoys me when in a forced marriage Harry (because it's always Harry) gets preggers BARELY FIVE CHAPTERS IN THE STORY! Especially if he was sexually abused.

So these are my Snarry Seven Deadly Sins. Some of these I can deal with but the rest is strictly forbidden.
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No Regrets Un-cut

 Warning: contains blood, torture, and gore.

Rest of the story can be found here 


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